Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Death to Shoes!!!

So I named this blog the bare footed fool and I guess I better explain that.  I wear sandals about 80% of the time.  Even when I was a heavy equipment mechanic I would show up to work at 6 in the morning, regardless of rain in sandals, with a pair of socks stuffed in my pocket, and would put on my boots last thing before starting work.   It's not necessarily that I have anything against shoes, but I much prefer to be barefoot or in sandals.  This likely goes back to growing up around the water.  As a kid my parents had a lake on the other side of our back fence and another down a dirt road a mile away.  So almost every day was spent in the water.  For me, there was absolutely nothing worse than trying to put socks onto wet dirty feet, covered in sand and dirt and grime, then walking back home.  So instead, I always wore sandals.  When on vacation, I pack more pairs of sandals than I do shoes, because vacation for me usually means drinking near some large body of water, which inevitably means I am going to lose some sandals.  Vacation for me, in fact,has to include water, and more often than not that means the ocean (see how I brought it around to the ocean Hannah).  Sure sometimes shoes are necessary on the ocean, if you are working on a tugboat perhaps, but to be in any other kind of footwear near the ocean is absolute HERESY.  Shoes are a barrier to being able to immediately sit down and dip your toes into the water, and that is something I simply will not have.

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